Our Mission

JoinCargo instantly brings together companies who need to ship freight with carriers who need freight to fill their trucks, just with one click. It is a tailor-made, one-stop online transport solution. We help shippers and carriers be more efficient and productive!


Founder of JoinCargo, Roxane Koutsolouka, has international experience in the logistics domain, and comes from the 'land of logistics': the Netherlands. Everyday difficulties and management challenges of the entire shipping business - the incredible amount of back-and-forth phone calls involved in getting quotes and booking freight, even for a single load - prompted Roxane to create something radically different. Looking for an innovative and efficient solution to the freight brokerage madness, Roxane teamed up with software engineering experts in order to create JoinCargo.

Manolis Orfanos is a graduate of the department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens with a master in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Piraeus. He has a 2 years working experience as a software engineer specializing in web development. He is more passionate with the back-end but also enjoys building and tweaking the front-end.

Eirini Farfa has always enjoyed working in a dynamic environment and collaborate with forward-thinking people. Holding a degree in English language from the University of Athens and a master's degree in Management from Birkbeck, University of London, she has worked in education and customer service, while the last three years focused her efforts on digital marketing. Besides doing research, analysing data, understanding customers and building campaigns, she enjoys cooking and travelling.

Kostantinos Mitsios is a graduate of the department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus. He is happy being a member of a company that grows rapidly, allowing him to evolve and develop his skills through everyday challenges. Software development and problem solving is something he enjoys doing at JoinCargo.

Stella Mogia has a long experience in customer service, has a positive way of thinking and enjoys being creative. Because of her background in the tourism sector, she has developed her communication skills and loves to manage and expand partnerships. Managing daily tasks and reaching the targets are her basic skills. Her sense of responsibility and willingness for constant improvement are the characteristic elements that help her maintain reliable business relationships both in personal and professional level.

Mariniki Krassakopoulou is a graduate of the department of English Language and Literature from the University of Athens. Having worked in the hospitality industry and customer service, turned her career around. She loves setting high goals, and working in a startup company was definitely one of them. Aside from her passion for her job, she also loves martial arts and learning foreign languages.

Chris Taprantzis has a BSc of Management Science and Technology and is very passionate about startups. He also has 2 years of professional experience in Sales. In JoinCargo he is fulfilling his dream of working and developing himself as a professional, in a fast paced and diversified working environment. He likes to be challenged to get his game up and JoinCargo is definitely the place for that.

Michalis Papaioannou is a graduate of the department of Management Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business. He recognizes the value of customer support. Despite being a competitive person he enjoys working as a member of a team and is always willing to help. JoinCargo is a challenge for Michalis and he is determined to succeed.

Stavros Moraitis has a bachelor in Accounting and is ready to skyrocket JoinCargo’s performance. Being passionate about team sports, Stavros is excited to take JoinCargo to the next level together with the team and he enjoys facing new challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities JoinCargo and customers bring him.

Elli Papaioannou is a graduate of the Department of Industrial Management and Technology of the University of Piraeus. She likes interacting with people, technology and innovative ideas. She considers Joincargo an ideal work environment and she seeks growth. She is a team player and she is willing to help anytime. Her biggest passion is sketching.


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